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ATC Materials produces ballistic barriers for Insensitive Munitions (IM) compliance.  Using modeling and simulation and proprietary construction, ATC currently produces the only qualified and fielded IM ballistic barriers.

Ballistic Barriers

  • Provide immediate transportation and logistic IM compliance
  • Cost effective IM solutions
  • May be configured as insert, applique, or structurally integral to containers and canisters
  • Adaptable to energetic systems across all services

Ballistic barriers are a tool for program offices to achieve IM compliance

Modeling and simulation

  • High-fidelity modeling of projectile, armor, and energetic material to accurately predict system-level response
  • Reduces development cost and sacrifice of costly energetic assets to live-fire testing
  • Allows rapid development and optimization for individual programs

Multiple Configurations

  • ATC armor is structural and may be formed to fit complex geometries
  • Armor architecture can be optimized to the threat and desired response, from 7.62 to .50 caliber and FSP, and Type IV, V, and VI responses
  • Armor may be developed as inserts or applique on legacy equipment, or structural for new programs