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ATC Materials produces custom dielectric components for extreme environments.  All components are produced in-house from raw material to finished part allowing for complete control over material properties and performance.

Hotblox and RIPS

High-temperature, low-loss, tunable dielectric materials moldable to net shape.  Suitable for harsh environments and temperatures up to 1400°C with consistent, predictable performance over repeated thermal cycles.

Hotblox Composite Dielectric

  • Tunable dielectric constant from 1.5 – 3.0
  • 350°C continuous use temperature
  • CTE matched to aluminum
  • Moldable to net shape or molded into cavities

Hotblox allows for the selection of a specific dielectric constant in a material that may be molded to net shape, or molded within a housing or cavity.  This makes Hotblox well-suited for mold-in-place applications where its unique CTE match maintains an interference fit in an aluminum housing over temperature cycles.

Hotblox on board the ISS MISSE 7 experiment


  • Reduced-density Injection-moldable, Pressureless-sintered, Silicon-nitride
  • Low loss, low dielectric constant (dK < 4.5)
  • 1400°C continuous use temperature
  • Moldable to net shape

RIPS provides stable, repeatable dielectric performance in extreme environmnets to 1400°C.  With a unique moldable formulation, complex components and geometries can be created using low cost molds, reducing manufacturing cost and enabling unique geometries.

RIPS conformal apertures provide performance and strength for hypersonic applications.